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Company Name Location Confirmed [?] Endorsements
Binoid Murcia, Spain 0
Bit Theory Denver, Colorado, United States 0
Bit Zesty Ltd London, United Kingdom 1
Bitami Ljubljana, Slovenia 0
BitCrowd Berlin, Germany 0
BitEstudio Las Palmas, Spain 0
Bitlist Budapest, Hungary 0
Biz4Solutions LLC Frisco, Texas, United States 0
Black Anchor Inc. Houston, Texas, United States 0
Black Ninja Software North Vancouver, Canada 0
Bluebash Consulting Private Limited miami, Florida, United States 0
Blueberry.cz Apps s.r.o. Prague 2, Czech Republic 0
Boston Logic Technology Partners, Inc Boston, Massachusetts, United States 0
BoxStuff Ltd Cowes, United Kingdom 0
Bracket7 Cary, North Carolina, United States 0
BridgeUtopia Baguio, Philippines 0
Brightal Technologies Cochin, India 0
Brightbit Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States 0
Brocoders Sumy, Ukraine 0
Brown Beagle Software Perth, Australia 0
BrowserMedia Bethesda, Maryland, United States 2
bt New Jersey, New Jersey, United States 0
BTV Search Colchester, Vermont, United States 0
Burst Software, LLC Chandler, Arizona Confirmed 5
Buttercloud Amman, Jordan 0
Byclosure Lisbon, Portugal 0
BYENNEN LLC Chicago, Illinois, United States 0
CabForward Austin, Texas, United States 0
Cable Car Software San Francisco, California, United States 0
Caju Recife, Brazil 0
Calcedon Austin, Texas, United States Confirmed 10
camilosanchez Bogotá, Colombia 0
Capital Thought Austin, Texas, United States 0
Capsone Software Solutions Private Limited Chennai, India 0
Carbon Five San Francisco, California, United States Confirmed 6
Carefully Crafted Houston, Texas 0
CastleWave, LLC New York, New York, United States 0
cdmessenger Long Island City, New York, United States 0
Cifronomika Tver', Russia 0
Citrusbyte Los Angeles, California, United States Confirmed 9
clair.ro Tirgu Mures, Romania 0
Clear Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States 0
ClearSummit Marina Del Rey, California, United States 0
Clevyr, Inc. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States Confirmed 3
Clusterdev Bandung, Indonesia 0
Clustox Lahore, Pacific Islands Trust Territory 0
Codaty Beirut, Lebanon 0
Coddde Madrid, Spain 0
Code Benders Bend, Oregon, United States Confirmed 3
Code Genome Montreal, Canada 0