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Visuality is a Ruby on Rails development firm. We're enthusiasts of Agile methodologies and user-centered design. If you're seeking someone who can take your idea and create a unique, solid and perfectly designed application – look no further!

We've worked for JTI, PayPal, National Geo and others.


Warsaw, Poland

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  • Web/Visual/Interface Design
  • API Integration/Development
  • Code Review/Audits
  • User Experience/Usability
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Magello is a startup project created by Visuality. It is an online SaaS system for tourism. The most important thing is that it lets your users enrol online for events. You can easily organise trips, create additional options, control reservations and payments.

Magello software gives tour operators access to multiple features. These are i.a:

1. Online bookings
2. Event organisation
3. Transport and accommodation settings
4. Discount management
5. Booking management
6. Payment management
7. Documents export and generation
8. Sending bulk e-mails and SMS text messages
9. Group reservations
10. Renewed event publication.

Project completed in 2015
National Geographic Photo

After a successful cooperation in two editions of the WKF, National Geographic decided to ask us to rebuild the whole FOTO branch for their online magazine. It was obvious that the main goal would be to maximize the efficiency and to keep it simple. Below we present a recipe for success:

Our main goals were:

1. Friendly uploads
2. Display optimization

What did the process look like?

1. WIREFRAMING – The FOTO section was created by us from scratch. Everything began, naturally, from creating wireframes.

2. UPLOADING INTERFACE – Features like drag & drop into the browser or interactive creation of folders have found a place here.

3. WEBSITE INTERFACE – There was e.g. space for modules promoting pictures featured by the editors or the highest ranking community picks.

4. DATA MIGRATION – Our job was to catalog the contents and migrating them to a new location. Naturally, we needed to preserve all possible data.

5. PHOTO DATA INTERPRETATION – We created a module reading the photograph’s information (EXIF) such as the camera model, lens type, exposition parameters or the GPS coordinates allowing to locate the picture on an interactive map.

6. CACHE To achieve the highest speed of workflow we implemented an advanced caching script allowing to maximize the traffic on the server.

7. SOCIAL – In order to generate additional traffic social mechanisms (comments, grading) were implemented as well as contest elements (picture of the day, editor’s awards etc.)

8. WKF DATA MIGRATION – The FOTO system was integrated with the WKF one, allowing for the simple picture transfer to corresponding galleries after the contest is finished.

9. ADMIN PANEL – All the mentioned features have their corresponding counterparts in the intuitive, but very advanced admin panel.


“I had the chance to collaborate with Visuality with a few projects. Each time they distinguished themselves through the perfect quality of the provided services and punctuality in providing the finished project. The biggest advantage of our cooperation was their attitude – thanks to this, each time we had the certainty that the project will be executed perfectly.”
Paweł Salamucha, IT Manager G+J

Project completed in 2014

Over the last decade Network Marketing has become currently one of the fastest developing forms of doing business. There are countless forms of this kind of activity, and the greatest companies working in this industry unites millions of members worldwide. Our client decided to create a platform to integrate persons involved in this business by providing them communication tools and also improving the process of business management. The project was received with great enthusiasm first in the USA, and then in several countries around the world and it grows dynamically from the very first day.


1. MANAGEMENT TOOLS – One of the main objectives of the project was to create multiple functional management tools for network businesses, network marketers and effectively reporting their productivity.

2. COMMUNICATION TOOLS – The most challenging part of this project was to develop a network of communication tools allowing constant open and private communication between all users within the entire platform, while providing a certain amount of privacy at the same time.


1. GENERAL CONCEPT – Together we chose the most crucial functionalities and we started to work on the interface and the engine of the platform.

2. SKETCHING THE IDEA – After preparing a short documentation of the project, we immediately started to transfer the vision onto sketchy functional screens (wireframes).

3. ELABORATING THE DETAILS – We had to ensure that the tool components, such as reports and statistics must be presented quite differently, than the elements of the social network component (conversations, groups, events).

4. SCALABLE AND FLEXIBLE PLATFORM – We have created a MVP version of the product, which from the start was made to attract thousands of active users at the same time and still has to be developed implementing new tools and social functions. Ruby on Rails framework is ideally suited for this purpose, so we had no problem to convince the customer to use this technology.

5. BUSINESS MANAGEMENT TOOLS – A key element of the platform is the ability of full management of the users’ own network business, using fully interactive and useful tools at the same time.

6. SOCIAL TOOLS – We have proposed the implementation of interesting and interactive tools to allow multi-threaded conversations within the system, which its core is a social board.

7. PAYMENT PROCESSING – During registration the user decides how much money he wants to make based on different subscriptions models. To cover that aspect of the business we had to integrate a couple of global payment processors, giving the user the ability to choose the most comfortable method for both: subscription payment and payout of earned rewards.

8. ADMIN AND SUPPORT TOOLS – The CoMingl admin panel provides all the actions related to the management of the users, their content, payments and statistics of every action they carry.

9. PERFORMANCE AND MAINTENANCE – With a constantly growing network like this one, optimization and monitoring are key elements, to ensure a smooth user experience.


Visuality’s professional and personal involvement in the project has made the project what it is today. The success of an involved system like CoMingl is based on careful planning, flawless execution and good teamwork between the owners and the development team building it. The entire Visuality Team is dedicated, involved and irreplaceable at this point. From our first evaluation meeting, throughout the project management, all the way to launch of our system, Visuality has shown professionalism, dedication and personal involvement. It is very enjoyable to us as the owners to work with the entire Visuality team, especially since our cooperation is not based on a “owner vs. developer” relationship but more a partnership that is constantly evolving and adding more and more amazing and creative ideas to what we are proud to call CoMingl today.
Justyna Michałowska, Co-Owner

Project completed in 2014