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RailsTeam develops robust, smart and efficient web application in Ruby on Rails. Our approach to web application development is perfectly suited to meet the needs of internet start-ups, Software-as-a-Service companies who need agility and flexibility to quickly respond to ever changing market.


Ahmedabad, India

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  • Web/Visual/Interface Design
  • API Integration/Development
  • User Experience/Usability
  • Security Audits/Development



Greenerbilling is an On-Demand online billing system that lets users bill their client easily and effectively. Greenerbilling not only manages billing but also keeps track of payments and provides a host of features to manage clients, estimates and manage automated invoices. User can schedule daily, weekly, monthly and yearly invoices so that they don’t have to remember creating the invoices all the time. We have integrated this product seamlessly with a variety of third party vendors like mail chip (email marketing), Nirvanix (third party file storage), Authorize.net (payment gateway), Post Affiliate Pro (affiliate tracking), Wordpress (for blogging), Twitter integration and Google analytics integration.

Project completed in 2009

MyCommerceKit, is a revolutionary on-demand e-commerce product in which anyone can set up a great looking online store in minutes. Users can sign up for a free trial account and launch their online store. Later on they can switch to a paid plan with a small monthly fees and run their e-commerce store on a pay-as-you-use basis. With MyCommerceKit, there is no additional cost of hosting, upgrades, maintenance and support. Everything comes pre-packaged with complete flexibility to modify the store look and feel anytime.

Project completed in 2009
Patient 360

Patient360 is designed to provide complete health care solution to enable doctors improve patient outcomes. It is a yearly subscription based system in which each practice can sign up and manage patients health care records. It helps doctors maintain better track record of patient’s health and educate them in their particular disease condition. Doctors can enter patient health data, organize seminars, create report cards and generate customize quizzes to help patient understand important aspects of their health care needs.

Project completed in 2008