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New Leaders

New Leaders is a highly specialized software development firm using Ruby on Rails to build resilient business systems and scalable digital products.

Test-driven development, intuitive user experiences, pair programming, SaaS development & integrations, subscription systems and transaction systems.


Truckee, California, United States

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  • Web/Visual/Interface Design
  • API Integration/Development
  • User Experience/Usability
  • Mobile/iPhone Development
  • Code Review/Audits
  • Security Audits/Development
  • Training/Coaching/Mentoring


Anedot - Fundraising and Donation Platform

The Anedot fundraising platform is being used by many congressional, senatorial and gubernatorial campaigns for the 2012 election year. It has also gained significant traction among non-profit, educational, and religious organizations as a unified fundraising platform.

New Leaders served as the product development team leading the design and development of Anedot’s current offerings. The PCI compliant system handles millions of dollars in transactions every month and is accessible through a web-based interface as well as a number of mobile devices.

New Leaders created an application programming interface (API) to support multiple native mobile applications for iOS and Android. Customizable donation forms provided by the site can be embedded into client websites and Facebook pages giving organizations a wide range of options to bring attention to their fundraising efforts.

New Leaders built a custom accounting system that allows Anedot to be a merchant account aggregator. The system assesses transaction fees and allows organizations to ACH direct deposit funds to their bank account from their available Anedot account balances.

Project completed in 2012
Whispertrack - Airport Information Systems For Pilots

Aircraft noise problems create the greatest risk to the financial survival of community airports. WhisperTrack aggregates and re-distributes routing information based on noise abatement procedures for commercial and civilian pilots.

New Leaders provided a web-based data repository using Ruby on Rails to aggregate and publish these documents and procedures. Using a subscription-based model, airports can manage their own procedure data and provide pilots with essential navigation procedures for approach and departure.

New Leaders also helped brand and name the company and its services. The service now provides airport data to pilots at nearly 200 airports in the US, Canada and South Africa.

Project completed in 2011
Thincloud - Business Operating System

One of the keys to our ability to build long lasting software comes from our Thincloud platform and our ability to quickly assemble business logic from well-tested, modular components.

Thincloud is and extension to Ruby on Rails that gives companies access to many common business functionality and user interface patterns at a fraction of the cost of building them from scratch.

Project completed in 2010