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Idyllic Software is a leading Web Application development company that specially focuses on helping startups and small businesses build profit making, sustainable business models. It offers expert level Ruby on Rails development, web development and consulting services to companies around the world.


Boulder, Colorado, United States

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  • API Integration/Development
  • Code Review/Audits
  • Security Audits/Development
  • Web/Visual/Interface Design



Shipsticks provides golfers with the best rates to ship their clubs to the destination of their choice by fetching pricing information from UPS and FEDEX. The system determines the best carrier for a given shipment by comparing the services offered by both carriers at runtime with an eye on maintaining business margins.

Project completed in 2013
Two Cents Social

Two Cents Social aggregates feedback & reviews from multiple social websites like yelp, facebook, twitter, google Í places and others. In addition to aggregating, it also provide insights and suggestions on the aggregated information.

Project completed in 2012
Manage My Life

ManageMyLife is your online hub for making your life easier. With product manuals available online or for download, expert answers to all questions and tips & advice on everything from home maintenance to staying fit, your life management begins here.

Project completed in 2011