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gnuine is a company specialized in new technologies in the Internet environment based on open standards and free software.We have developed an open-source CMS called Ubiquo (www.ubiquo.me) that manages the contents of IP applications. It has been released as free software licensed with MIT License.


Barcelona, Spain

Number of Employees



  • Web/Visual/Interface Design
  • API Integration/Development
  • Training/Coaching/Mentoring
  • Code Review/Audits
  • User Experience/Usability
  • Security Audits/Development
  • Search Engine Marketing/Optimization
  • Flash/Interactive Design
  • Mobile/iPhone Development



gnuine has undertaken the development of new Futurlink website. This is a global communication application according to the new internationalization strategy and positioning of the company. It has taken a powerful CMS (ubiquo) and the development of a private area for distributors and offices. The project is multi-country and multi-language and includes a series of tools (translation, news management, referrals and local case studies) in the private area of offices and distributors.

Project completed in 2009
Atrapalo "El Trato"

gnuine has been selected to undertake the second project, “El Trato” (The Deal), in this case based on urban leisure. gnuine already developed before the first summer project “El Trato”, a project consisting of e-commerce 450 deals was a success. Atrapalo is based on honesty and trust while providing services taking into account customer satisfaction. “El Trato” offers more than 1600 Leisure proposals.atrapalo

Project completed in 2009

gnuine has been selected to develop the project to provide Ratings and Rankings (stats, most viewed, most recent, ecc.) for all the web items (videos, news, competitions, ecc.) for all websites runed by CCRTV Interactiva.

Project completed in 2009