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We build a high performance, scalable and secure web with a team of experts who can deliver best solutions ever to our clients within decided timeframe. We are worldwide Software Solution Provider who can provide solutions for new and existing products.


Ahmedabad, India

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  • Web/Visual/Interface Design
  • API Integration/Development
  • Code Review/Audits
  • User Experience/Usability
  • Security Audits/Development
  • Mobile/iPhone Development
  • Ruby on Rails Development


Redmine customization and plugin creation

Redmine – Customization

Create Multitenancy

Redmine is an open source flexible project management web application. Written using the Ruby on Rails framework, it is cross-platform and cross-database. We have created a private plugin called multi-tenant for the Redmine.

Super admin can create company account with subdomain and owner details and based on it will create a subdomain for that company. After creation company can feel as its own product. After creation of subdomain, the owner can get credentials for login via email.

Install plugin and customization based on it

We have installed and customized plugins based on clients requirements.

Installed Plugins:

DMSF – Document Management System Features
Redmine Language Change plugin – A Redmine plugin to override the default language strings
Meetings plugin – plugin to manage meetings in REDMINE
ERPmine – This plugin is for entering Time & Attendance
Deployment on Google cloud instance.

Created Plugin:
Redmine Invoice:
This plugin is useful for creating invoices of tasks on a different level.

Admin can add clients for different projects. As well as admin can add different taxes with details so while creating an invoice it will directly do a calculation based on selected tax and client’s rate.

An invoice will be created based on timeline chosen by the client and we can download it as pdf format or we can also print it.

Also, we can create payment as well as view all payment history.

Technology used: Ruby 2.3.0, Rails 4.2.6
Database: MySQL
Gems: cocon, wicked_pdf
Project Management Tool: Asana
Source Management Tool: Bitbucket
Server: Google Cloud
Industry: Software

Project completed in 2017
Jumble Fund

Jumblefund is an online charity shop where the user can signup/sign-in as charity owner.
And create campaigns for any cause. They can sell used things as a product online and from
that, they will do charity. Forex. If some church has broken roof then they will create a
campaign with estimated budget of $10000. Then people can donate money to the
campaign as well as if they have an unused product then also they can donate product and
that product will be sold over here and money which we receive from sell also go to a charity
of that campaign. Charity owner can create a shop for that so the user or he/she can
buy/sell products.

On campaign page, User can see campaign details along with taken pledge by users. The
application generates daily and monthly shelling reports for tracking the selling details.

echnology used: Ruby 2.2.2, Rails 5.0.0, HTML, JQuery
Database: PostgreSQL
Gems: devise, cancancan, textacular, geocoder, activeadmin, friendly_id, aws-sdk+giman+
fastimage, stripe, whenever, intercom
Project Management Tool: Trello
Source Management Tool: Github
Server: Heroku
Project URL: https://jumblefund.com/
Industry: E-commerce, NGO

Project completed in 2016

Think of Bancr as a “financial dating” website for businesses, where borrowers and lenders
meet up to form mutually satisfying relationships. No more hunting for the perfect partner!
At our website, cutting-edge technology matches businesses looking for a specific loan type
with financial institutions and investors seeking to make just that type of loan. Lenders and
borrowers are also matched by geographical area so both borrowers and lenders can take
advantage of local market expertise.

Bancr was created to take advantage of today’s technology. Businesses seeking to finance
answer just four simple questions, complete an application, and upload any necessary
documents. Then they can choose from multiple lenders, sending their application and
documents to as many lenders as possible with just a few keystrokes. It’s simple and
efficient—one application, many lenders!

Lenders also answer just four questions, provide information about themselves and their
company, and provide their underwriting criteria. Then they’re ready to start reviewing
applications from many borrowers—also simple and efficient!

Whether you’re a business owner looking for financing without the hassle and delay of
traditional loans, or a lender tired of beating the bushes for loan prospects, Bancr is the site
for you. Try us out today and see how fast and easy it is.

Technology used: Ruby 2.2.3, Rails 4.1, HTML, JQuery, MomentJS
Database: PostgreSQL
Gems: devise, cancancan, paperclip, sendgrid, mailboxer
Project Management Tool: Trello
Source Management Tool: Bitbucket
Server: Digital Ocean
Industry: Finance

Project completed in 2016