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Dine-Media Interactive

Company purely focusing on open source web2.0 application development using ROR, Flex, AIR and Mobile apps on Android and Iphone. Specializes in

- Product Migration on SAAS
- Migration of existing app to cloud
- Code Review and optimization
- Enterprise app development
- Consulting on Cloud Arch


Mumbai, India

Number of Employees



  • Web/Visual/Interface Design
  • API Integration/Development
  • Code Review/Audits
  • User Experience/Usability
  • Security Audits/Development
  • Mobile/iPhone Development
  • Training/Coaching/Mentoring
  • Flash/Interactive Design


My Date Is Here

Worls’ s largest dating website for all


Project completed in 2010
Ublip people search

unique front end interface developed for tracking people through a use of rails application interface and other hardware software operating in the backend. One of its kind of application and very unique in nature

Project completed in 2008

Dutch auction website, where prices fall continuously through a meter showing falling prices and the user is at risk of either getting the entire product sold or meter reaching minimum discount.

Project completed in 2007