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Code Benders

Code Benders is an Agile development shop and product incubator. We love building excellent web applications, especially when we are working with passionate entrepreneurs, for a good cause or an open source project. No client is too small. No challenge too big.


Bend, Oregon, United States

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  • Web/Visual/Interface Design
  • API Integration/Development
  • Code Review/Audits
  • User Experience/Usability
  • Search Engine Marketing/Optimization
  • Mobile/iPhone Development
  • Training/Coaching/Mentoring
  • Flash/Interactive Design


Diabetes Nation

Diabetes Nation is a non-profit organization whose mission is to inspire healthcare providers to keep pace with the accelerating complexity of treating diabetes, using simple methods to positively influence performance. With the health care industry in a state of dramatic change, Diabetes Nation is developing technology solutions to enhance treatment practices and improve patient care.

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Project completed in 2010

After a couple of years selling snowboard gear the old fashioned way – through an online catalog – the rock stars at Solstice Supply decided it was time for something new. Their customers, being young and hip, enjoy getting the best riding gear. But they also like steep discounts. What better way satisfy your audience, then give them what they want. GearSlash was born as an outlet to market high-quality products from cutting edge brands.

What makes the site unique are its “one product at a time” mentality and the user-driven voting to determine what comes next. The site was built with Ruby on Rails, making it robust and scalable. What makes it great are the simplicity of design and the game changing shopping model.

Learn more about our work by visiting CodeBenders.com

Project completed in 2009

Unite Now is a non-profit organization with a mission to empower activists and advocacy groups around the world to literally (and virtually) take a stand for what they believe in. The UniteNow platform is a community dedicated to social change. The organizations mission is to inspire, educate and empower individuals and groups that are committed to activism, advocacy and community service.

Project completed in 2009