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Endorsements for Carbon Five

Max Ventilla

“Carbon Five worked with us to quickly develop an alpha release of our product . They put a stable platform and nimble process in place that we could build around going forward. Having their engineers in complement to our small team let us grow slowly and carefully while not sacrificing speed of development.”
CEO at Aardvark. Hired Carbon Five in 2008.

Jonathan Joseph

“As a non-technical CEO, I needed not only top technical talent but assistance with mission-critical architecture and technology decisions and Carbon Five did not disappoint. Extremely professional, thorough, and talented. Highly recommended. Please feel free to contact me for further reference.”
CEO/Founder at Ultimate Football Network. Hired Carbon Five in 2008.

Dan Engfer

“Carbon Five gets my endorsement! They were recommended to us in 2007 by a leading and globally-respected web 2.0 expert because we needed a company to build a quality Ruby on Rails site with social networking. He said they were one of the best, and he was right. I can't imagine how Viscape.com would have turned out if Carbon Five hadn't built it. The Carbon Five development team was extremely professional the whole time. The development lead, Erik Ingenito was extremely intelligent and required very little oversight, which meant I could focus my attention on building my business. Amazingly they were able to build out 50% more features within our budget than they proposed - and they got the work done on time! We were so satisfied that we came back and hired them again six months later (in 2008) to complete phase 2 of our site. And our website has some really sophisticated, state-of-the-art features! I enjoyed every minute working with them, and I would do so again. Anyone who wants a quality development project done on time and on budget, and, most importantly, done right, should contact them straight away. Sincerely, Dan Engfer CEO, Viscape.com”
CEO at Viscape. Hired Carbon Five in 2007.

Cody Duval

“We hired Carbon Five to build and deploy new versions of our iPhone and web apps. They inherited some particularly complex rails code but they had no problem getting up to speed quickly and adding a lot of value. They also demanded a high level of collaboration - not only did this produce great work, but we feel like it helped us become better clients and overall much smarter about the development process.”
Co-Founder at Typejack. Hired Carbon Five in 2009.

Jae Chung

“As the founder of goBalto, I'd like to personally endorse my external rails development Partner who has greatly helped me and my company. Carbon 5, located in San Francisco, delivers high quality and efficient development services. They have helped me build a fully interactive and commercially viable professional networking platform for the global biotech and pharmaceutical industry in a matter of months. Carbon 5 also provided practical advice on challenges I faced at key decision points relating to my company's business model. What sets Carbon 5 apart from other development teams, is their ability to carefully listen to my specific needs and convey recommendations in an easy to understand manner. They have always been flexible and accommodating and have generated visible results. Carbon 5 has proven themselves to be an exceptional rails development organization, and is definitely worth getting to know. Sincerely, 
Jae Chung goBalto, Inc.”
Founder & CEO at goBalto, Inc.. Hired Carbon Five in 2008.

Lorna Lathram

“Carbon Five was professional, skilled, timely and creative in producing high quality work. They posed options that addressed immediate and long-term needs in a way that a non-developer could process. They were also flexible as our priorities changed, providing the tools to manage and communicate our needs. The iteration meetings were particularly helpful – very interactive with lots of white boarding to map our options and decision process. Having the “human” interaction and support was critical during development as well as after launch. Working with the team at Carbon Five was a positive and productive experience.”
Project Manager at WFN. Hired Carbon Five in 2009.