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Atomic Object

We build ridiculously good custom software for startups, huge companies, and everyone in-between.

Our testing, process, and user experience fanaticism will win you over. Your software will have precious few bugs and will be delivered on time, within budget and will be a joy to use.


Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States

Number of Employees



  • Web/Visual/Interface Design
  • API Integration/Development
  • Training/Coaching/Mentoring
  • Code Review/Audits
  • User Experience/Usability
  • Security Audits/Development
  • Mobile/iPhone Development


Catalog Choice

CatalogChoice.org is a non-profit organization that streamlines the process of opting-out of unwanted catalogs.

Project completed in 2010

Bloomfire.com is a collaborative social learning platform that Atomic Object designed, built, and helped to define.

Project completed in 2010

TheCommon was started as an answer to the problem of volunteer management, a way of connecting one set of people – businesses, churches, colleges, service agencies – with the people who needed them.

Project completed in 2010