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ASPgems is a Spanish start-up focused on software development. ASPgems' guiding principle is less is more. We love to build software applications that do less things instead of more, but they do the important ones.

Our web development framework of choice is Ruby on Rails.


Madrid, Spain

Number of Employees



  • API Integration/Development
  • Code Review/Audits
  • Training/Coaching/Mentoring
  • Web/Visual/Interface Design
  • Search Engine Marketing/Optimization



A social network devoted to:

“Guía de Ocio para niños, Recetas y las tendencias más chic en moda, decoración y viajes en familia.”

Where users can share and post any content with all the usual features of a social network.

Project completed in 2010
Ideas 4 All

ideas4All is where people with ideas can share them, or change someone’s day, or change the world.

It’s where people who need solutions can find them.

It’s also where people can browse ideas, surf solutions, and have fun.

In short, ideas4All is about connecting. Imagine millions of ideas all running around inside a Global Brain, all interconnecting and working together. It is big, and it is clever.

From all, for all. Everyone has ideas worth sharing. Any idea can trigger other ideas. That’s how the Global Brain works.

This site is listed in the Top 100 Rails Sites ranking (http://rails100.pbworks.com/Alexa-Rankings)

Project completed in 2008
Sanitas Responde

Responde is a sotial network used by Santias to increase the relationship among patients and a grup of nurses and doctors.

Project completed in 2007