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Endorsements for Allerin

Duane Tharp

“StreamStep looked for and found an excellent partner in Allerin. Our goal was to identify and engage a ROR development team who could provide us with the expertise we needed with the ability to scale quickly as our organization grew. Allerin have the depth and breadth of expertise combined with experience that is required for the multiple customer / project work that we engage in. Their working style is very collaborative and hands on, and we have the full support of everyone from management down to the individual team member. It is this level of commitment, competence, and drive that is required and expressed by Allerin's work ethic that we respect and enjoy. It has been a pleasure for us to work with them. I would most definitely utilize them on projects in the future and recommend them to any and all who need their services.”
CEO at StreamStep, Inc.. Hired Allerin in 2010.

Jake Taylor

“Over the past few years Allerin has proven to be a great asset to my company. They delivers on time and on budget a great service. Allerin is never afraid to suggest a better solution to a problem. I would recommend them to anyone who is looking to create a great online presence using the latest web technologies. Allerin have one of the best Developers I have ever worked with”
CEO at Revyr. Hired Allerin in 2008.

Matt Muresan

“Allerin knows Ruby. They begin producing results almost immediately and stay on budget. They can solve just about any problem you throw at them and in the end you get the product you asked for, delivered to specification. ”
Owner at ScenEngine. Hired Allerin in 2010.

Jorge Soto

“Allerin is an extremely professional and talented group of rails technologists. Naveen was very easy to work with and delivered work on-time and and accurately, which was surprising for an oversees entity. I fully endorse this organization.”
Product Manager at MusiqJive Media and Entertainment. Hired Allerin in 2007.

Raj I.

“I'm thoroughly impressed with Allerin. These guys mean business. The Allerin folks are Rails experts and know how to run a project on schedule. They're fast, thorough and deliver results. We recently completed a 2 month project with Allerin and are planning on extending because we're so pleased with the results. ”
Founder at Dealicious. Hired Allerin in 2011.

Simon Lynch

“An absolute pleasure to work with, one of the highlights of 2010 was our business found and engaged Allerin. Over the last few years we have used a range of development companies for financial apps to basic websites. Now we are happy to say that we have found the one development company that we will continue to use into the future. Having just completed our first project with Allerin, bookaship, we already moving onto version two and have other projects in the pipeline. Achintya and the team have fantastic communication, right from the start the planning was detailed so we knew the budget and timelines. Allerin continued to meet targets while always maintaining their high standard of work and when there were cases of improvements these were carried out quickly and at the standard set across the rest of the application. Allerin just didnt simply take my specification and code it, they got to know my business and when they saw potential improvements they always made me aware of these in a timely manner. While working with Allerin I crossed many time zones but when I needed to speak with them they always accommodated me and made themselves available. I look forward to working with Allerin on more projects to come, learning a lot more from Achintya both all things software related and also on the wonderful game of cricket. ”
Owner at bookaship. Hired Allerin in 2011.

Jeannie Ng

“Allerin is a one of the offshore contractors which I had very good experience working with. Very responsive and reliable. They might as well as just be working down the street from my office. Compared to other developers I have worked with, they are proactive in seeking for ways to simplify workflow. Rigorous internal testing procedure in place - less resource needed from my side for user testing compared to other offshore company as functionality delivered are often 1st time right. ”
Business Consultant at Private project. Hired Allerin in 2011.

Ani Spooner

“We are so happy to recommend Piyush Patil and Allerin. Their commitment and support to our project has been phenomenal. Piyush's work is undeniably top notch, with an amazing understanding of our needs and communication skills enabling him to translate our vision into a functional site. We feel that Piyush and Allerin are not only a part of developing our site, but that they are an essential part of our team. I wholeheartedly recommend Allerin to all who need programming and want to have a great experience going through the process. ”
Founder at ModernEcho. Hired Allerin in 2009.


“We've been working with Allerin for more than a year now. We're fully satisfied with their service. They provide a great area of expertise for some very innovative projects we've conducted each other on bleeding edge software including MongoDB, ElasticSearch, where very large amount of data is involved. A dozen hundred hours of development later, we're still fully satisfied with them and continue to pursue a long-term relationship with them. The quality of code they release is much better from what we would get by most developpers in France with a great return on investment at the same time. Long live Allerin !”
CEO at ILIONA. Hired Allerin in 2011.

Shingi Kanhukamwe

“Allerin is highly skilled in the development, deployment and continued evolution of Ruby on Rails applications. Furthermore, they are more than just a service provider, they are a real partner that can be counted on to proactively work to deliver software that will not only meet requirements but will also exceed expectations. I would therefore not hesitate to recommend Allerin as they can always be counted on to consistently deliver high value output.”
Digital Innovation Strategist at Invokevoke Inc.. Hired Allerin in 2012.

Adam Winter

“We hired Allerin to finish our prototype iPhone application and create a Rails back-end for it. They did an excellent job. They frequently communicated with us. They worked with us on specifications and features. They had a very team-oriented approach and were very responsive to any support requests that I had. Additionally, they continue to provide support after the engagement. Great service, highly recommended.”
ChiefJoe at JoeMetric, Inc.. Hired Allerin in 2009.

Dan Rotkopf

“Our company is very happy with Allerin. They do great work. We have re-hired Allerin again and again. Not only they are very knowledgeable in RoR, but they also knew how to manage our project and how to take good care us as their customers. Highly recommended”
General Manager at True Med Alert, Corp. Hired Allerin in 2010.

Bill Ostler

“Working with Allerin is a great experience. I have used them on numerous projects and they have never let me down. They dedicated one account manager to me, who is extremely attentive and patient with me. I can be very demanding and picky but Allerin is always agreeable, polite and timely in dealing with me.You couldn't hire a better outsourced team. They come with excellent knowledge of Rails and Iphone application development, which helps me to sleep in peace”
CEO at icreate Interective. Hired Allerin in 2010.

Josh Aranoff

“Allerin team have done a great job bringing my concept to reality. They have tireless workers and completely committed to his customers success. I am looking forward to a phase 2 project with them. Great Team, Great Skills.”
CEO at Natural Conundrum. Hired Allerin in 2009.

Joanna Miller

“Naveen has gone the extra mile for me with the projects that we have worked together on. Naveen has also shown that he is committed to long-term business partnerships which has been reflected in the work carried out so far this year, great value at reasonable prices”
CEO at Jsportz. Hired Allerin in 2008.

Mike Lawson

“Allerin team produced stellar results for me, on budget, on time and were very easy to work with in spite of my being across the globe in California at the time from him. We used IM and eMail to pull off a complex custom project in Ruby/Rails for full CMS integration and I was very happy with the job they did.”
Owner at AppleProAudio. Hired Allerin in 2008.

Karen Napolitano

“Allerin Technology were able to work with me to define and create a customer relationship management system for one of my clients. They proved to be diligent, helpful and extremely knowledgeable and kept me completely updated throughout the lifecycle of the project. I fully intend to work with them again.”
Director at intuitors Ltd. Hired Allerin in 2009.

Paul Jin

“The team at Allerin is incredibly hard working. I'm in the US, so I really appreciated there around the clock availability. They had a strong technical team and were committed to quality. They kept my objectives and constraints in mind as they delivered very good work. Their communication was good.”
Founder at Plummelo. Hired Allerin in 2009.

Kanishk Parashar

“Naveen and Achintya @ Allerin are the best at what they do. Working with them, I feel like I am working with a local team because they are ALWAYS available. Their execution of my Ruby on Rails app was well planned, code was clean, well thought out, and functioned to spec. The best part was their commitment and honesty to their deadlines; they added two more developers at their cost to deliver on time!”
Partner, Vice President at Kuchbi Inc.. Hired Allerin in 2010.

Mark Daniel

“Great Team !!!! , This was my first use of a development company from India. My chief concerns going into the project were 1) I'd have to spend a great deal of time driving the project; 2) the 9.5 hour time difference would make communication hard; and 3) we'd have a language issue. None of these turned out to be problems. They did a better job of driving me than I did of them, as they sometimes completed modules faster than I expected. They always have available almost any time before noon--in fact they initiate most conversations. And there has been no language barrier. They've been an excellent partner, and I have no hesitancy recommending them.””
CEO at E Saya. Hired Allerin in 2012.

Chris Arnette

“Allerin has a great team. Very professional and their communication skills are excellent. They not only demonstrate strong skills in Rails but also their understanding and in-depth strength of social networking product. ”
President at iBlanc. Hired Allerin in 2012.

Minerva Aldrete

“I hired Allerin after having two bad experiences previously, one with a local mexican company and one with an outsourcing company in India. To be honest I was quite sceptical at the time due to the bad experiences. This quickly changed to my surprise when they agreed to sign a penalty contract if they were late with the App features. It has been quite a journey but we are now on the testing stage and I am quite happy with how it is coming out (and on time). I have had a very pleasant learning experience with Allerin, I would recommend them with my eyes closed.”
CEO at loudMagenta. Hired Allerin in 2012.

David Van Osdol

“Allerin did a great job building us a very complex prototype under difficult conditions, and did it in a timely fashion. I would say that their best asset is their dependability and consistency. They are a pleasure to work, with and I would highly recommend them to anyone.”
Founder at Kidos. Hired Allerin in 2009.


“I have had a very positive experience working with the Allerin team on several RoR and Iphone app projects. They catered to all the requirements of any project and even went beyond that by making any suggestions along the way to increase better results, which our clients benefited from greatly. They think and work outside the box, which I find to be a very rare quality in most development companies, as everyone is looking to make a quick-buck, Allerin was looking not only for its own interest, but also in the interest of our clients. I still continue to use Allerin and there is no question in my mind when it comes to referring them directly to partners.”
Project Leader / Director at ElusiveStudios. Hired Allerin in 2008.