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Endorsements for AENTOS


“Proffesional team fully recommendable not only for the development phase but also for the inception phase. Flexible and transparent in their working dedication. Do not hesitate to contact us for further details.”
CEO at Wantudu. Hired AENTOS in 2012.

Fernando G. Torcelly

“Aentos is a great company and their member are a brilliant team. The quality of their code is excellent and it's easy to see their deep knowledge. They are very comprehensive to suggestions and comments and fits perfectly to what the customer needs. It was a pleasure working with Aentos. Thank you guys! ”
Director at Sylion. Hired AENTOS in 2012.

Borja Delgado

“We were looking for a team to support our designers and front end engineers on a challenging project under tight schedule. They were a great team to work with and I definitely look forward to work with them again in the near future. I highly recommend working with Aentos. They are outstanding!”
User Experience Lead at Hanzo Studio. Hired AENTOS in 2011.

Patrick Vollmer

“We have hired AENTOS for various projects, ranging from intranet web applications that integrate with our enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to websites to promote and distribute software binaries of our products. AENTOS has always delivered great software in short turnaround times and we have always been extremely satisfied with the results. They are very fast, flexible and productive. ”
Project Manager at Biocomfort Diagnostics GmbH & Co. KG. Hired AENTOS in 2008.

Marco Sehrer

“We hired AENTOS to work remotely on our internal IT infrastructure, specifically the integration of different business backends. They have been very fast in getting our platform up and running and they constantly deliver new features in short iterations. We continue to work together. ”
Head of IT at kymo GmbH. Hired AENTOS in 2010.

Ronald Peñate

“AENTOS worked with us to deliver our company website and the first implementation of our online management platform. With their vast experience they were able to help us identify the most important features and implement them following the “less is more” principle. The process has been completely open and flexible and they have been able to satisfy us beyond our expectations. We plan to continue expanding our online platform together with AENTOS and I would strongly recommend them to anyone. ”
Manager at Laquafuer. Hired AENTOS in 2009.